Saturday, April 27, 2013

WbtR 1st Annual Authors’ Retreat

May 18, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
At Carol Covin's House, 12510 Izaak Walton Drive, Bristow, Virginia
(703) 330-5478 (home)

From Carol Covin, Granny Guru:  I am offering my house for a one-day, 12-hour retreat. 

Rules: Since we are spanning lunch and dinner, bring a dish to share (hot or cold) and drinks to share. I'll put out food as well and pitchers of well water.  I have a counter where you can grab something to eat, then go back to your writing, or stay and talk awhile.  Bring your own writing utensils. I have pens, paper and pencils, but I know you have your own favorites. No other rules.

Getting there: Most GPS programs will get you to my mailbox at the bottom of the hill that is my driveway.
To get there, you have turned on to Izaak Walton Drive, gone about a block and a half, just past Jay Lane, to the bottom of the hill, at the bend in the road. On the right, is my mailbox, 12510. When you get to the mailbox, turn right, go to the top of the hill, turn left, staying on the blacktop and follow the driveway to my house, the only house there. If you find you have driven onto gravel, off the blacktop, you have gone too far and are going to the Izaak Walton League next door. Come back onto the blacktop and turn through the woods toward my house. If you find you are at a cul-de-sac and see horses and Tyco Lane, you have gone too far. That is at the end of Izaak Walton Drive. Come back to the bend in the road, just before Jay Lane, and turn left to go up the hill on my driveway.

The venue:   I have 9 acres, 8 of it wooded. I have a front porch with a swinging bench and a wind chime, and a back deck that spans the length of the house and overlooks woods, part of which is screened in, with tables and chairs and a hammock.  I have a living room with art, books and teddy bears, a den with a floor for grandchildren to ride rolling hassocks on and books and another den in the basement for ping pong and projects, with books, all of which are suitable for curling up on a couch or chair to write.  I have a cleared back yard overlooking a creek with a cement picnic table and chairs that can be moved anywhere you want them that is the kind of retreat most people drive hours to relax in, at the bottom of a 100-foot sledding hill. I have a half-acre garden half-way up the hill in the front yard with big trees you can write under. I have Wi-Fi. It reaches a little ways outside, to the porches, but probably not down to the creek or up to the garden. 

It is a place to write, think, dream, research, be quiet, talk or eat.

You are welcome to wander around before deciding on your spot and use chairs that are already there or bring some from the house.  Most chairs will have a table nearby where you can spread out your materials. I have stacks of blankets and pillows to get comfy. There is nothing you have to do that will keep you from writing. It is just a space to hold you. You make the magic.  If you spot a dust bunny, don't tell me about it. It is just minding its own business.

If you tell me you're coming on my Facebook Events page, with a comment or by accepting the invitation, that will help me have some idea of how many to expect.

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