Monday, April 8, 2013

Linda S. Johnston Offers a Baseball Poem

A Cool Game

On the way to Nats Park for an exhibition game,
Against an eastern team, the Yankees by name.
Lots of folks on the train are dressed for the Nats,
Hoping their team brings their really best bats.

We’re hoping to see Harper, you know, that kid Bryce.
Can he hit us a homer, maybe once, maybe twice?
It would be great to see one hit out of the park,
By Adam or Jayson or how ‘bout “the Shark?”

Will the Yankees first pitcher show us his heater?
And how about that infield, boy I bet they miss Jeter.
In game one of the playoffs he busted his ankle
And among Yankees fans, it caused quite a rankle.

All over the train is the Nats curly dubbya-
“Oops, this is my stop, sorry to trouble ya.”
Ah, here is the ballpark, let me take it all in.
I’m hoping the Nats can come up with a win.

It’s cloudy and windy and boy is it coolish,
Some fans didn’t wear jackets, now isn’t that foolish?
I love the ballpark, no matter what,
But I’m asking the vendor for hot choc-o-late.

Yes, the ballpark is always an interesting place
And if our team doesn’t win, we must exit with grace.
Writers and Sportscasters they all have their theories
But the fans know that this year, it will be the World Series!

Linda S. Johnston
Copyright 2013

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