Monday, December 3, 2012

Member Leigh Giza Mourns Twinkies (Poor Leigh!)


Twinkie, Twinkie
Yummy treat
How I do love you
You are so sweet
Cream filling inside
Your luscious golden cake
Never a finer
Pastry was baked
Hostess has declared
Bankruptcy, and so
Into the trash bin
You sadly must go
But I will remember
Your delicious taste
And how you always brought
A smile to my face

Twinkie, Twinkie
You are fantastic
I don’t care if one
Of your ingredients is plastic
It makes me happy
To take that first bite
And savor the ultimate
Junk food lover’s delight
When you are gone
I’ll miss you so much
It just won’t be the same
Eating Tastykake with my lunch
You have brought me joy
How much you will never know
Oh Twinkie, dear Twinkie
How I love you so.

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