Saturday, July 7, 2012

Learn About the Arts Council

Arts Council 101

Mission:          1) To promote and support local artists and arts organizations
                        2) To enlighten and educate audiences about the arts in the Greater Prince William Area

Role:                An advisory body to the Prince William County Park Authority (soon to become the PWC Department of Parks and Recreation).

Membership:  Open to individuals, non-profit and for-profit arts organizations, civic groups and business advocates based in Prince William County, Manassas or Manassas Park.
                        Associate membership available for organizations based outside Prince William Area.
                        Members represent the breadth of local arts – dance, theater, chorale, orchestra, band, painting, photography, creative writing, etc.
Activities:       Implement new Strategic Plan for Arts Council.
                        Host annual Arts Alive festival.
                        Present annual Seefeldt Awards for Arts Excellence.
                        Host workshops to assist members.
                        Implement activities to broaden visibility of the arts.
                        Offer Technical Assistance Grants as funds are available.
Structure:       Board of Directors manages organization.
                        Board consists of 17 to 25 Directors.
                        8 Directors are appointed by Prince William County. Remaining Directors are elected by Arts Council membership.
                        All Board of Directors’ meetings are open to the public.

Committees:   Program Committee – coordinates membership program and materials, membership workshops, Arts Alive planning.
                        Marketing Committee – coordinates all marketing-related activities for the Council.
                        All members of the Arts Council are encouraged to participate in one of the standing committees.

Member Involvement:         
Vote at the annual meeting
Actively participate in Program and/or Marketing Committees
Contribute to Arts Council Facebook page and website
Attendance at workshops
Participate in Arts Alive
Submit nominees for Seefeldt Awards
Volunteer to serve on Board of Directors, as appropriate

Prince William County Arts Council
FY12 Annual Milestones

  • Development and Adoption of First Strategic Plan

    • New Mission and Vision
    • Goal 1: To make the Arts Council a structurally and financially sound organization by 2015.
    • Goal 2: To expand the visibility and awareness of the PWC Arts Council.
    • First steps in new fiscal year: Assess alternatives for organizational structure.

  • Membership Expansion

    • Membership Brochure Finalized and Printed – distributed at PWC public buildings and available at
    • 17 new members:
      • 11 Individual Artists, many of whom are writers
      • 3 Non-Profit Arts Organizations
      • 3 For-Profit Arts Organizations

  • Arts Alive 2012

    • 2nd annual festival
    • New location at Hylton Performing Arts Center
    • Estimated attendance: 1,200 to 1,500
    • Live entertainment on three stages
    • Visual and creative arts represented
    • Indoor and Outdoor activities
    • More interactivity needed
    • Possibility of a community art project

·         Marketing and Outreach

o   Launched Facebook page.
o   Initial work on
o   Presentations made:
§  Board of County Supervisors
§  Park Authority
§  Chamber of Commerce Council
§  Leadership Prince William
§  Lake Ridge Lions
§  Women’s Club at Heritage Hunt
o   Media – esp. Prince William Living Magazine

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