Sunday, April 27, 2014

For the Odd Instance at a Cocktail Party...

For the Odd Instance at a Cocktail Party When you Find Yourself Locked in Conversation with an Unnaturally Enthusiastic Hot Tub Cover Salesman, Having Nothing to Offer by Way of Related Small Talk,
and Otherwise Unable to Escape (… a Working Title)

There once was a great big black bear
who like most bears was covered with hair.
Despite his warm fur
a chilled wind would stir
him to shiver at winter’s cold air.

His diet consisted of grubs
and soft pinecone seeds that he loved.
His tummy was warm
yet he was forlorn
since he longed to soak in a hot tub.

One day he poked out of the woods
and beside a log cabin it stood:
Through a soft mist of steam
and the smell of chlorine
the bear’s dream was in reach! Life was good.

Paws propped on the tub, he looked down.
In confusion the bear wore a frown.
The water, he knew,
was supposed to be blue
but instead it was hard flat and brown.

First he nibbled a bit with his maw
then he reached out a tentative claw.
With a pull and a tear
this tenacious bear
sank in water clear up to his jaw.

The next day a man stared in wonder
at the marks on his brown hot tub cover.
“Not a bear…” thought he,
“Yet what else could it be?”
For the cover was quite torn asunder.

Our bear was no longer devoid
of the pleasure he often enjoyed.
He came night after night
soaking to his delight
keeping hot tub lid vendors employed.

                                                                                                                    ~ Dani Rogero

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