Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pick the Right Friends

When you have cancer, pick the friends who will send you 78 messages of love, healing and prayers in the first 7 hours after you post your progress.

Pick the one who will take your brother to the airport so you don't have to sit home alone.

Pick the one who will sit with you so your husband can go to church or go to the dump.

Pick the one who tracked down the special mouth wash for a tender mouth; pick the one who knows the best protein drink.

Pick the one that helps you find your breath again when you are having a melt-down.

Pick the one who sends you daily chuckles.

Pick the ones who tell you, I'm a survivor - 9 years, 6 years, 11 years, 2-time...

Pick the ones who send you wildflower and fragrant cilantro seeds. 

Pick the ones who send you beautiful silk scarves the day your hair starts to fall out.

Pick the ones who treat you tenderly and offer to help any way they can. 

I am a loner,

But, I am not alone.

Carol Covin
Stage IIB breast cancer
Diagnosed December 3, 2013

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