Friday, May 17, 2013

Beware of Cat

by Leigh Giza

A dog will bark at you
And maybe he’ll bite
But a cat will hiss
And fill you with fright

A dog will jump up
And slobber on you
A cat will attack your ankles
And leave you black and blue

A dog will be lonely
When you go away
A cat will rejoice
And shed all over your duvet

A dog will play fetch
For hours and hours
A cat will make you fetch
Something for him to devour

A dog will be protect you
In the face of danger
A cat, however,
Will treat you like a stranger

Now, don’t get me wrong
I don’t dislike cats
After all, you can count on them
To catch and eat nasty rats

And although they rarely
Come when you call
And they don’t often run
When you toss a ball

A cat is just perfect
For someone like me
Who doesn’t want a pet
That has to go outside to pee

So here’s to cats!
Bless their furry little hearts!
Just be careful not to startle them
Or they might tear you apart

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