Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is there really a grandparent conspiracy?

The Grandparent Conspiracy
                                                         by WbtR Member Ron Glaser

Who started this conspiracy of Grand parenting as a gift?

Did they change the diapers, and lug the swing and stroller and Jumperoo and furry animals and noisemaking toys from one room to the other?

Did they once again bend over the bathtub to bathe the baby, only this time dealing with their own aches and creaking bones?

Did they set up the crib and pin towels over the windows to ensure more darkness and better sleep for their Grandchild?

Did they fool with the baby monitor and figure out how to work the new-fangled bottles?

Did they worry that the rash on a tiny forehead would call into question their Grand parenting skills?

Did they follow the parents’ schedule and make notes, avoiding any independent action to prove that they were not making any independent judgments in place of the parents but were only FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS?

Did they check the car seat to make sure that the angle of the base was at the precise degree recommended by the local fire department, that no ordinary person could dare to install by himself?

Who started this conspiracy of Grand parenting as a gift?

Ash! You scold. Don’t whine about the work and responsibility!

Think of how your Grandchild has expanded your heart with love!

Yes, I respond. This is true.

And the Jumperoo IS fun.


  1. Too funny! Yep, grandparenting is not just parenting with a 40-year lag time, like getting back on the bike. It is re-parenting, by someone else's rules. Great insight into the process.

  2. Ok, now I'm officially spooked. This is happening to me in April. Thanks for an entertaining read, Ron.