Friday, November 16, 2012

Dan Verner Sparks Some Thoughts

WbtR member Dan Verner suggested I post my response to his blog post.  Apparently, Dan thought my commentary was meaningful (which is very flattering, though I confess, I don't understand why).  Perhaps you will agree with Dan.  If not, I at least would encourage you to explore your own impulses and what motivates them.  Cheers!

--Katherine Gotthardt


Oh don't let your impulses pass, Dan, if you can afford to explore them!! Do whatever your ADHD heart inspires you to do, even if it's weird.

As for the outdoors, I used to spend a lot more time hiking than I do now. I think it's partly because I get bored now--I don't know why. Must be that I can't see as much when I walk because I walk slowly. In better weather, I started biking trails, and I really enjoyed the change. The breeze and chance to stop and look at new places was wonderful. But it's not bike riding weather, and when we have had those odd days of warmth, I felt I owed it to my dog to give her a longer walk.

I used to tent camp a LOT when I was younger. I've done it in the pouring rain, in extreme heat and in nice weather. I've done it in the mountains, near the ocean, in national forests and in back yards. Now, it hurts to try to sleep on anything hard and my sinuses kill me, so we wimp out in cabins, but it's a different kind of nice, and certainly more comfortable.

Personally, flying around the world without getting off the plane sounds like my idea of hell. But if you want to do it just to say you did it, well then, go for it.

If we ever get time and money, I want to travel. El Salvador, India and Rome are at the top of my list. And I'd like to go back to Bar Harbor. Hubby is NOT interested in Central America or India, but he seems to like the idea of Rome and Bar Harbor, as well as Australia and San Diego. I'm not particularly interested in those areas, though I know I would love the chance to see them once I was there with him. Some alone time with him on a tropical island also would be awesome, and that is something we've both talked about.

For my solo, educational travel, I would prefer being with real people so I could understand the culture and get to know our international brothers and sisters more. It might be uncomfortable (heat and diet being my biggest challenges) but it would be worth it. I also want to learn Spanish.

Hubby and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at Cove Haven resort in PA. I talked his ear off for three hours on the way up! LOL! It's so rare that we have time and money to do stuff like that. Maybe on spring break we will get to use his timeshare. We also spent a weekend on Tangier Island this summer. What a great adventure it was!

My point is, if you can do it, DO IT! There is so much to see, and you can't get it all virtually. We seem to do so much by computer because the stress and demands of the world keep us anchored and exhausted. Set yourself free, Dan!

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