Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrate with June Kilpatrick and James River Writers

"Celebrate with a Book"

Regency Square Mall, Richmond

James River Writers, a Richmond group that you've been hearing a lot about, has signed up twenty authors to participate in its December 15 book fair at Regency Square Mall in Richmond, At least one WbtR member--yours truly, June Kilpatrick--has slipped in unnoticed among these twenty Richmonders and other Virginians (actually, I just signed up early) and will join them in signing books at the fair, which is timed to catch the holiday shopping crowd.  
Tina Glasneck, JRW member and author of Mayhem and Romance with a Twist of Murder, is organizing the event, "Celebrate with a Book." To learn more about the book fair and the authors who are participating, check out the website: In case WbtR is interested in holding a similar event sometime in Manassas, I include below some of Tina's instructions to the participating authors:

In order to help us promote this, I am interested in having each of the participants submit one blog post. Until December 15th, we have approximately 10 weeks. That being the case, I am looking for volunteers who are willing to submit posts during the upcoming weeks. This could be to introduce yourself to the world or any particular topic you are interested in.
 Further, I am requesting that each participant prepare a gift bag  to be given away at the event. This gift bag will be given to the  first customer at your table (that means we are giving away 20 gift bags - people love free stuff and I think this will also help to gear up interest). The gift bag should not have a value of more than $10.
I will also be offering advertising space in the brochure I am  creating for the event. If you are aware of anyone that may be interested in advertising with us (or would like additional space for whatever purpose), please let me know. What is listed on the website  is what your write up will be in the brochure (unless you specifically  provide me with additional/supplemental information). --Tina Glasneck

Barring ice or snow, I will be there with copies of my book, Wasps in the Bedroom, Butter in the Well: Growing Up During the Great Depression, which takes place in and around Richmond. Luckily, one of my high school and college classmates, Walter Tucker, has amazing contacts and will be sending out email notices to his vast list of John Marshall grads, and there are lots of us. I am curious to see how the book will do in its home territory.

--June Pair Kilpatrick, Member, WbtR

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