Saturday, August 4, 2012

Notes from the July 30, 2012 Write by the Rails meeting

Present: Cindy Brookshire, Chip Deyerle, Leigh Giza, Linda Johnston, June Kilpatrick, Nancy Kyme, Claudia LeFeve, Dan Verner

Marketing Workshop:

1. Claudia LeFeve will supply a handout, “Tips on Marketing Your Book,” as a takeaway.

2. Tee Morris has joined the panel & Cindy Brookshire is using an interview with Tee & his wife/writing partner Pip Ballantine to promote the event. Leigh Giza is gathering speaker bios and photos.

3. Location is now Trinity Episcopal Church in Old Town Manassas to allow more time to network and also for sale of books. Panelists with laptops can use the parish hall video screens to display their marketing efforts (websites, book trailers, podcasts, etc.).

4. ANY MEMBER of Write by the Rails will be able to sell books at the event.

“How to Market Your Book”
A panel discussion with local members of Write by the Rails

Saturday, September 8

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Trinity Episcopal Church

9325 West Street, Manassas


Carol Covin, Who Gets to Name Grandma

Nancy Kyme, Memory Lake

Tee Morris, Phoenix Rising, Morevi and The Case of the Singing Sword

Ross Murphy, You Will Never Dance Alone, Dancing with the Devil

Dan Verner, Biscuit City blogger, master of ceremonies

Leigh Giza, Found and Lost, workshop coordinator

First in a Series of Writing and Publishing Workshops

Free to the public

Books by local authors will be available for purchase

For more information:


Anthology: Submission deadline is August 31. Panel will select contents. Final product expected to be 250 pages or 55,000 words. Claudia LeFeve will format it.

Nonprofit status: We’re still going in circles. To push forward:

1. Members are asked to get your changes to the draft bylaws to Chip Deyerle.

2. Waiting to hear if Pete Pazmino has been contacted by Virginia Writers Club Executive Director Linda Layne, head of VWC’s Chapter Development Program. The question is, if we become a chapter, do we fall under their 501c3, or do we have to, as a chapter, get our own. Linda Johnston and I have both been trying to get that answer as well.

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